Classic movie stars happy-dance to “I’m So Excited”

I’m So Excited dance video, the 40s-80s version

Have you ever wondered how dancing was in the past? It was phenomenal just as this video proves to us. From ballet to hip-hop, it is hard to believe the versatility that was available.

This video is a compilation of dance scenes from movies and shows from the 1930s to the ‘70s. With past fashion trends coming back to fashion, there might be the rebirth of some of the dance styles.

They were the perfect definition of passion as the dancers were having fun while dancing their hearts out. With most of them long gone, this is a video they’d have been proud to watch.

I’m So Excited dance video, the 40s-80s version

The synchronization of the dancers makes it even better. There are no missteps, no flaws, and all smiles. They sure can dance better than most people out here

Dancemoves never change, with the perfect step and perfect move, dance can be synced to a beat that is yet to be made. This video shows just that, considering the song was produced after all the dance scenes were made.

The video has the best creativity and variety of dances for over five decades, compiled into a seven-minute video. It’s hard not to feel groovy considering all the ‘50s energy.

For most oldies, these videos bring up some fond memories because they recognize most of the shows the clips are from. Meanwhile, active dancers could learn a routine or two from the beautiful video.

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Classic movie stars happy-dance to \