Mini-Star Claire Crosby Lights Up Internet With “The First Noel”

In this video clip, the talented little songstress gives us her most endearing performance yet, with “The First Noel,” a much-loved Christmas favorite.

This is a family production, her dad is accompanying her on the guitar, and her Mom is on the piano. Together they sum up the whole meaning of Christmas, love ones being together, a family sharing the spirit of the festive season.

In a comfortable lounge beside a roaring fireplace, a little girl and her father smile at each other. 

Claire is dressed in festive red, and Christmas stockings are hanging from the mantle-piece. Mini super-star, Claire Crosby, and her family are recording a Christmas music video for everyone.

You surely remember little Claire. She is the adorable baby angel who won instant internet fame when they posted a video clip of Claire and her father singing, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, from the movie, Toy Story.

The video went viral, and Claire and her father were invited to perform their song on The Ellen Show. Since then, they have performed many of the hit songs from the classic Disney movies.

Claire gives the hymn her all, she sings with conviction and passion, and it is truly heart-warming to see such a young person celebrate her faith in such a lovely way. Not only does her singing sound angelic, but it is a marvel that she has so much talent at her age. We certainly have not seen the last of this little diva.

Treat yourself to some holiday cheer and watch Claire Crosby and her family sing, “The First Noel,” for us this Christmas.

This was so magical and Christmassy.  I hope Claire never grows out of the cute faces she makes while singing. 🙂

Mini-Star Claire Crosby Lights Up Internet With \