Christian Comedian Asks The Most Important Question: What If Bible Characters Had iPhones?

Technology is such a modern tool, and we sometimes wish we knew what life would be like if these tools existed earlier. Christian comedians John Crist and Trey Kennedy came up with their idea of what Bible characters would do with their iPhones at the time. The results were hilarious.

We have access to some of the most advanced technologies ever, but it’s easy to know that these didn’t always exist. Let’s say it did, though. What would stories from the Bible look like? Crist and Kennedy think these characters would take full advantage of their brand-new iPhones.

You can’t help but laugh at the amazing jokes these comedians crack. From the number of followers that people have to whether someone is tweeting about their daily activities, it puts the life of another time period into perspective. It makes us wonder what else will be invented in the near future.

I, for one, am glad that iPhones didn’t exist throughout history. After all, the stories just wouldn’t be the same. Technology helps us appreciate what we have, but it also allows us to put our past into perspective.