Choir singing inside an empty grain silo is beautiful beyond words

If you have sung in the shower before, you already know that the acoustics of a space can add a fantastic sense of dimension to a musical performance. But what if you used a grain silo?

That was a question Farmer Derek Klingenberg decided to answer when he invited the talented Bethel College Choir to an empty grain silo to sing “Down to the River to Pray.”

This performance was nothing like those songs you sing in the shower when no one else is around. The grain silo provided beautiful acoustics that made the choir member’s voices sound otherworldly.

While the effect would have been even more resonant for the singers, the experience we have of listening is still a powerful one. Whether you consider yourself religious or not, the best word to describe this performance is spiritual.

The humble grain silo morphed into an ancient temple. Voices echoed and reverberated off the walls, cascading and building into harmonies within harmonies. We got goosebumps just from a few bars of music.

But the clever camera work and the points of view continue to emphasize the location of this glorious music. A grain silo is the last place you would expect to hear such chilling, choral music.

It is no wonder that this song went viral after it made its way to YouTube. Listen to the song yourself and see why so many people were enthralled by this stunning performance.

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Choir singing inside an empty grain silo is beautiful beyond words