Children’s choir pierces hearts with ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Performing the best-selling Christian song of all time, “I Can Only Imagine,” is no easy task. But, this beautiful children’s choir would be up to the task as these young performers created a wonderful moment.

Initially released in 1999, the famed MercyMe track would continue to encourage people of faith, putting it up to the top, standing the test of time. Still being performed in various church choirs worldwide.

Creating a beautiful moment of worship, this talented children’s choir knew the task before them. Coming together wrapped with the power of faith gives fans of the famed track a little hope in the darkness.

In perfect unison, these outstanding young performers sound beautiful. They are indeed a talented bunch, both in their love for their faith and the skills to perform together in an inspiring and emotional way.

Creating a flurry of intense sound, the fantastic One Voice Children’s Choir was accompanied by talented violinists and other instrumentalists to help their cause by recording a genuinely memorable rendition of the classic faith song.

Partnered with an inspirational music video, the One Voice Children’s Choir showcases their need to work together, come together, and worship. A wonderful song for today’s hardships.

The undying dedication from these young performers is both inspiring and beautiful. Their hard work has seemed to pay off as their version of “I Can Only Imagine” continues to dominate YouTube, holding close to seventeen million views.

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Children’s choir pierces hearts with \'I Can Only Imagine\'