Children’s Choir Enchants with ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Medley

The testament of God’s love for humanity is reverberated in the hymns we sing. A poignant example of this is a video featuring Rosemary Siemens and a choir of children performing a medley of cherished hymns, telling a tale of Christ’s astonishing and unwavering love and grace.

The video, accessible on YouTube, unfolds with Rosemary at the piano, commencing the melody with the familiar opening words of “Jesus Loves Me.” As the hymn progresses, one by one, children enter the room, congregating around the piano and Rosemary. As the chorus of “Jesus Loves Me” commences, the children join in, their innocent voices elevating the hymn’s message.

Following the chorus, the congregation transitions seamlessly into the outdoors, where a larger group of children await, echoing the words of “Jesus Loves Me.” As the video progresses, the transition into “Jesus Loves Even Me” is effortlessly made, showcasing the musicians’ exceptional skills and commitment.

The video culminates with a few lines from the impactful hymn, “And Can it Be, That I Should Gain?” Beyond her vocal prowess and piano mastery, Rosemary also exhibits her violin virtuosity, highlighting her multifaceted musical talent, paralleling the children she shares the stage with.

The video serves as a powerful reminder of God’s enduring love and grace for us, as stated in Romans 5:8, “But God has made clear his love to us, in that, when we were still sinners, Christ gave his life for us.” The hymns selected for this medley do not just echo the sentiments of many Christians worldwide but resonate deeply with the essence of the Christian faith – the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, the video encourages viewers to not only reflect on the hymns’ profound messages but also to share the love and grace of Christ with others. With the world in dire need of love and compassion, let this video serve as an inspiration for living a life grounded in the teachings of Christ.

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Children\'s Choir Enchants with \'Jesus Loves Me\' Medley