Check out the pipes on Allie Sherlock as she has arguably the best version of ‘Shallow’

Jacob Koopman is a young, but seasoned musician. With the addition of Allie Sherlock, fans get a glimpse into the future of music.

A Star is Born captured the hearts of millions with its soundtrack. It has spawned countless covers over the years, with the hottest track being ‘Shallow’. Everyone wants to sing it, but few can manage the high notes in the Lada Gaga verse.

Teen phenom Allie Sherlock took the mic and had no troubles at all handling the high notes. This wasn’t karaoke, it was the creation of a great singer.

The bigger surprise was how well the melodies worked between Jacob Koopman and Allie Sherlock. His guitar playing and singing were perfect, and never wavered throughout the entirety of the song.

There are countless covers to choose from when doing music. When you make the choice to cover ‘Shallow’, it is a statement to the world.

Allie has been active on social media and continues to hone her singing craft. Jacob continues to sing and write, with strong performances all over the world. Both of these talents have ‘Shallow’ to thank for their surprise partnership.