Celtic Thunder Delivers Masterful Version of ‘You Raise Me Up’

It’s delightful to hear a unique rendition of this classic song by the men of Celtic Thunder.
Celtic Thunder is a brilliant assemblage of Irish performers known for their opera voices and extravagant productions. The band started in 2007 and has been climbing the charts since! Their cover of Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’ is incredible.

You can hear the passion in every note they sing. These men are incredibly talented and harmonize so well together. When you close your eyes, you feel like you are right there with them. Hearing such an inspirational song from such an astounding group is heartwarming.

Paul Byrom leads the number with his smooth voice. Watching him perform is almost as enjoyable and listening to him. He puts his entire body into hitting each note. Other members of the group play instruments in the background.

This song is a reminder that when you feel you have failed or aren’t worthy, that God is always by your side. Your faith in God can take to places you never imagined. This song is all about that promise and the potential we each have.