Celine Dion & Josh Groban Sing ‘The Prayer’ In Italian And It’s Perfect

Celine Dion never fails to deliver a spectacular performance. Ever since her breakthrough to musical stardom and international fame, she has been on everyone’s music radar and wherever she goes because Celine Dion -consistently amazes all.

In this remarkable song, Celine is joined by another singer to deliver a world-class rendition of “The Prayer.” This song gets us every time because of its beauty as well as its complexity. It’s incredibly demanding and not every singer is capable of pulling off the pitch-perfect harmonies. Now add TWO singers, and you see how difficult this is…, and it’s beauty.

Josh Groban was a natural choice for this duet. You can hear his vocals pair up perfectly to those of Celine Dion. They both compliment each wonderfully. It looks like both ladies, individually, could have pulled this off, but to work together as a team to create this masterpiece is phenomenal. This is great music.

The video is a treat for any aficionado of “The Prayer” or Celine Dion fans. Of course, fans Josh Groban will not be disappointed. You will be transported to another world. This is a thing of beauty.


Celine Dion & Josh Groban Sing \'The Prayer\' In Italian And It\'s Perfect