Celebrated Vocalist, Jonathan Antoine’s Disney Hit Will, Give You Chills

Disney acapella sensation DCappella and Jonathan Antoine come together for a brilliant concert performance of ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You.’ It’s a song that makes the Mulan hit proud, blending many voices into a single inseparable harmony.

Since rising to fame on Britain’s Got Talent, Jonathan has continued evolving into one of the strongest, most distinct voices of his time. His flawless performance of ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ featuring DCappella elevates the Disney hit to all new places.

It’s near-impossible to tell that the entire ensemble is a blend of the virtuosic tenor & a host of epic acapella artists instead of the gifted vocalist and actual instruments. What an imaginably catchy and captivating version of the beloved song.

Jonathan has taken the uptempo military-style song and transformed it into a timeless classical arrangement filled with emotion, claiming the stage with presence and spine-chilling purity to his tone.

Celebrated Vocalist, Jonathan Antoine\'s Disney Hit Will, Give You Chills