CCR’s Fortunate Son: A 1969 classic reinvented for modern times

When summer hits, it nudges a whimsical wanderlust within all of us. The idea of leaving our desks, jumping into our cars, and speeding on a road trip adventure is an irresistible fantasy. And what’s a road trip without a perfect soundtrack?

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One song fits the bill every time, like the perfect pair of sunglasses on a bright sunny day – “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). With Craft Recordings’ CCR50 campaign, this iconic 1969 hit has been reinvented in a vibrant new music video.

CCR has etched its name into our hearts with its timeless anthems like “Bad Moon Rising,” “Down on the Corner,” and “Proud Mary.” These classic rock staples have been part of our lives, capturing our deepest emotions, and adding rhythm to our adventures. They’ve been more than just songs; they’ve been our companions, narrating our stories in a language only we can understand.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

The heart and soul of CCR’s music is its inclusivity. “Fortunate Son” is a vibrant emblem of this spirit. Its potent critique of elitism and class privilege is condensed in the powerful phrase. “It Ain’t Me” resonates with everyone, making it an anthem for the masses. For this new rendition, Craft partnered with renowned director Ben Fee with the vision to introduce this classic hit to a whole new generation.

Ben Fee has breathed fresh life into this timeless tune, enhancing its iconic stature. The new music video for “Fortunate Son” brilliantly extends the song’s reach to the present day. With an undercurrent of pure positivity, the video encapsulates a vision of protest that’s both resilient and hopeful.

The strength and spirit of the people the song stands for are still pulsating in the heart of the country. Facing new challenges, they continue to be the country’s backbone. Fee’s video rendition becomes a testament to this indomitable spirit, showcasing the incredible array of characters that form the vibrant tapestry of our nation.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

By shining a light on the diversity and unconquerable spirit of the country’s 99%, Fee has crafted a concept as relevant today as it was in 1969. As he journeyed across the country for this project, he encountered the beautiful souls embodying the spirit of “Fortunate Son,” from the welcoming Taos Pueblo people to fervent CCR fans nationwide.

Fee’s video is a road trip, capturing snapshots from Los Angeles to Miami and all points in between. It’s an authentic portrayal of the country’s soul, showcasing the beauty and diversity that CCR’s music has narrated for 50 years.

So, as summer beckons us for another adventure, let’s roll down the windows, let the wind dance in our hair, and turn up the volume. With CCR’s “Fortunate Son” as our soundtrack, we’ll set off into the horizon, chasing the promise of new experiences and making memories that last a lifetime. Because, after all, in the words of CCR, “It Ain’t Us,” who would let life pass by without dancing to its tune.

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CCR\'s Fortunate Son: A 1969 classic reinvented for modern times