Carol Burnett’s comical commentary on ‘Budget Airlines’

Oh, to be transported back to the golden age of television where the comedic brilliance of “The Carol Burnett Show” reigned supreme. The late ’70s were a unique time, filled with change but also rich in laughter, thanks to artists like Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, and the incomparable Tim Conway.

One can’t help but reminisce about an episode from season 9, which aired on September 13, 1975. With her usual comedic flair, Carol hilariously mocked the emerging trend of “no-frills” flights in the airline industry. Dubbed “The Lowest Cost Airline You Can Imagine,” this skit left viewers in splits then, and decades later, the laughter still resonates.

Those who’ve seen it will recall the uproarious moment when passengers in the no-frills section are warned about the end of the carpet or how music is charged at a pricey two dollars a piece! And, of course, who could forget the gag about the back of the plane arriving at the same time as the front?

In his distinctive style, Tim Conway delivered a performance that was nothing short of comedic genius. With his impeccable timing and distinctive charm, Conway could turn even the simplest lines into hearty laughter. That classic line: “Ever hear of an airplane backing into a mountain?” A clear testament to Conway’s unparalleled wit.

The times were simpler, and the humor was cleaner, resonating with all ages. Many of us grew up in that era and looked up to Carol Burnett. For teenagers in the ’70s, she wasn’t just an entertainer but also an inspiration. Carol’s infectious energy and positive spirit turned many, including a 63-year-old admirer, into lifelong goofballs. And for that, Carol, we can’t thank you enough.

Carol’s legacy and influence weren’t hers alone. The ensemble of the show, including Vicki Lawrence – whom I hold dearly – and the entire cast, were true masters of comedy. The simplicity of their humor, devoid of vulgarity, is what made them stand apart and is sorely missed in today’s entertainment scene.

With each viewing, especially for those who recall watching the skit as it first aired, there’s an undeniable mix of laughter and a touch of nostalgia. It’s a powerful testament to the timeless nature of good comedy and the profound impact “The Carol Burnett Show” has had on multiple generations.

So, if you yearn for the good old days when comedy was pure and untainted, take a trip down memory lane. Relive those moments, chuckle at Tim’s quirks, admire Carol’s charm, and remind yourself of the unparalleled class of ’70s television.

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Carol Burnett\'s comical commentary on \'Budget Airlines\'