Caregiver Helps Senior With Dementia Record Fabulous Frank Sinatra Cover

There are a variety of diseases and disorders that can change people’s lives forever. Margaret Mackie is one of the millions living with dementia and resides in a nursing home in the beautiful country of Scotland.

One way dementia affects the 83-year-old woman is she’s noticeably starting to forget things that she once knew. Something she hasn’t forgotten are all of the lyrics to the classic Frank Sinatra hit, “My Way.”

Mackie’s caregiver, Jamie, heard her singing along to the 1969 tune and invited her to sing the song at the nursing home’s Christmas karaoke party. The selfless man even joined her on stage to perform the backup vocals.

He organized a visit to a professional studio in Edinburgh, where Margaret could record her cover. Since then, listeners haven’t been able to get enough of her sweet voice, and she’s even climbed up the charts.