Angelic boy performs haunting rendition ‘Silent Night’ in an empty church

Cai Thomas

A young boy revives the spirit of Christmas in his listeners. Cai Thomas, a brilliant singer with a soft voice, brings life to the ears and joy to the soul.

Standing in the nave of a church, Thomas rings out the lyrics of “Silent Night.” An older man mounted the piano. Thomas sang with much ease as he stood still.

His angelic voice echoed faintly in the large auditorium. The silvery decorated Christmas tree by Thomas’s side shun bright like a diamond. It was a beautiful sight and sound on that holy night.

Cai Thomas

The skilled pianist played soft tones too. He played slowly, connecting with Thomas’s tunes as their praises ascended into the heavens. The young lad, with great composure, sang the second verse more solemnly.

The church was empty but surely spirit-filled. Thomas sang unto Christ the Saviour, whose glories filled the skies on that night. His ability to extend the notes of the song was unusual and incredible.

He stayed on key, showing his talent and musical brilliance in style. The pianist flowed with him. The classic Christmas song stemmed with ease, much from Thomas’s vocals and the piano player’s fingers.

Just two people produced impressive harmonies—an art that requires long hours of training. Thomas ended the song excellently, not exerting too much energy on it. He sang naturally; it was spiritual.

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