Cai Thomas delivers an incredible rendition of ‘Laudate Dominum’

Cai Thomas sings like an angel for ‘Laudate Dominum’

If you are searching for a new singing talent that will move you with incredible sound and a remarkable stage presence, then you will be thrilled to listen to this recording by Cai Thomas.

The young Welsh performer is only 13 years old, yet he delivers a rendition of ‘Laudate Dominum’ with the confidence and power of a much older and more experienced stage singer.

Along with the remarkable performance from Thomas, you will be amazed to hear the incredible musical accompaniment provided by the London Mozart Players, who guide Thomas through this famous composition.

Cai Thomas sings like an angel for ‘Laudate Dominum’

Thomas is also backed by the Pegasus chamber choir, whose voices lend depth and complexity to the piece and provide a platform from which Thomas’s voice is allowed to soar to the heavens.

The beautiful acoustics of St. John the Evangelist play an important role as well, and it is a pleasure to hear the music reverberating through the church with such beauty and grace.

Cai Thomas has been performing for only a few years but it feels as though he could have a long and significant career ahead of him. This performance is part of his debut album ‘Seren,’ which will certainly put him on the map.

For fans living in his native Wales as well as listeners all around the world, Cai Thomas’s rendition of Mozart’s ‘Laudate Dominum’ lifts above typical songs into the celestial realm.

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