BYU Vocal Point performs inspiring version of ‘Amazing Grace’

BYU Vocal Point’s incredible performance of ‘Amazing Grace’ will move you

Whether you grew up going to church or not, at some point in your life you have most likely heard the ultra-famous song, ‘Amazing Grace.’ However, you haven’t heard it like this.

BYU Vocal Point put their own unique touches on the iconic song, creating a brand-new version that is sure to win over fans and audiences for many years to come.

The lead soloist on this video was Yaphet Bustos, who opened the performance with a clear and uplifting voice. Hearing him sing alone is the perfect way to start this rendition.

He is not alone for long, however, and is soon joined by other members of the BYU Vocal Point acapella group. By building voice upon voice, the director developed a rich, lush sound.

BYU Vocal Point’s incredible performance of ‘Amazing Grace’ will move you

You will be amazed by the contributions made by each singer on this song. Whether they have a solo or provide background and instrumental sounds, each singer is vital to the success of this song.

It is fun to see the group working together, even being joined by a full choir to bolster the energy and sound. From start to finish, this was a memorable performance.

The video itself helps in establishing the tone of the performance as well. The singers are seen walking through fields and performing in a church, lending authenticity to their singing.

For those in the mood for a traditional song made new by the extraordinary efforts of BYU Vocal Point, this is the right video to watch. The singers should be proud of themselves for this effort.

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