Burt, Johnny, and The Hilarious Shaving Cream Fiasco

Johnny Carson has entertained people for almost 3 decades on the popular variety show, The Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Every night, people would sit down to watch Carson interviewing his celebrity guests and entertain them with his witty and serious questions.

Carson is known for handling his guests brilliantly. He would treat his guests with respect and listen to them calmly. People like the way he spoke. One of the episodes that aired on September 26, 1974, has recently gained immense popularity. This is because the episode showcases his hilarious interview with Dom DeLuise & Burt Reynolds.

The video clip starts with Dom DeLuise’s raw egg trick and turns into a hilarious egg fight between the 2 gentlemen. However, the two of them settle down after some time, and Reynolds enters the stage with a shaving cream or whipped cream can.

He sprays the cream all over Carson’s shirt and suit jacket. This prompts the host to grab the can and retaliate. Carson teases Reynolds by putting some shaving cream inside his shirt. In response, Reynolds shoves some whipped or shaving cream inside Carson’s pants.

The shaving cream fiasco is the show’s highlight, but several other moments were funny. The 2 guests and Carson had a hilarious time discussing different topics, such as Reynold’s blockbuster motion picture “The Longest Yard.”

The talented actor, Burt Reynolds, tells everyone about his character in the movie. He plays a former quarterback who is now in jail because of a mishap and is asked to put in a team of inmates to play a match against the guards. Reynolds says that most of the inmates in the movie are actual convicts and that they even earned a wage while they acted in the film.

The interview can be regarded as the ultimate celebration of friendship and comedy as Burt, Carson & DeLuise looked so comfortable and had a fun time together. The shaving/whipped cream debacle may seem silly, but it really created a moment of joy not only for the people of the show but for the viewers as well.

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Burt, Johnny, and The Hilarious Shaving Cream Fiasco