Buddy Hackett’s Clean Jokes on Tonight Show

When Buddy Hackett Took Stage

If you’ve followed late-night shows over the years, you’ll remember the charm and charisma that was Buddy Hackett on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. One of the true luminaries of the entertainment world, Hackett’s humor was as clean as it was vibrant, a delightful deviation from the norm. And speaking of deviations, let me tell you about the first time I saw Buddy Hackett perform.

A Personal Encounter

In the video below, he’s set to perform at Caesars Atlantic City, a stage he graced often during his illustrious career. I can’t help but recall my personal encounter with him after one such performance. He was just as jovial off-stage, effortlessly making everyone around him double over in laughter.

Buddy Hackett, The Man of Jokes

Buddy Hackett was ever so lightly self-deprecating, joking about his weight and the fact that he jogged “four or five miles every day,” only to reveal he was merely watching a tape of his 19-year-old self running. His humour was a testament to Jesus’s teaching of humility, reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Remembering the Good Times

The transcript of the video brings back fond memories of a time when comedy was less about sensationalism and more about making people laugh. His recollection of a joke involving a Filipino salad man, while a bit tangled in the telling, was quintessential Hackett – hilarious and memorable.

The Charm of Hackett’s Comedy

His jokes were not just amusing but incredibly charming, like the one about the man with a stiff neck, walking into a bar. Hackett’s effortless storytelling and hilarious punch lines made his comedy relatable and endearing, all while keeping it clean and light-hearted.

I invite you to watch the video below, not just for a good laugh, but to appreciate Buddy Hackett’s style of comedy because it is truly something to be cherished. Do share this piece of history with others who might enjoy a good dose of nostalgia.

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Buddy Hackett\'s Clean Jokes on Tonight Show