Brazillian cowboys put on a show worth 2.6M views

With twirls, spins, and kicks, this dance trio brings a little honky-tonk to Brazil with their ‘Redneck Woman’ dance.

This energetic trio puts a spin on Gretchen Wilson’s hit song ‘Redneck Woman’. Though it’s not a recent hit, it’s still a favorite of many country music fans. This trio embraces the message of the song, getting everything just perfect.

These three dancers (Drama Lendario, Thays Monaro, and Warlei Oliveira) start with a simple walk across an empty lot. It’s not a complicated setup, but it perfectly captures the mood of country music.

They start kicking, twirling, and doing delicate footwork to the beat of the music, weaving around each other effortlessly. The amount of energy that they put into this dance is amazing. It’s truly a tribute to the song and the larger message of country music.

Their sets cycle, changing from an empty lot to a wooden wall, including an amazing bull-riding set piece in the background. The three dancers never miss a beat, continuing to jump and dance together until the song is over.

Everything about the video is an ode to country and western, from the hats to the denim jeans and beyond. You’ll want to let out a ‘yee-haw!’ of your own when the song is over. These dancers put it all out there for us!

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Brazillian cowboys put on a show worth 2.6M views