Brad Paisley’s Tribute To Solidarity And Beer Will Inspire You

Country superstar Brad Paisley’s hit video for “No I In Beer” is a grand tribute to solidarity. Although relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, the song was actually co-written way back in 2018 with Kelly Lovelace.

Brad Paisley presents a song of unification and togetherness as a nation in the inspiring track “No I In Beer.” His message transcends borders, reminding us of how the whole world needs to stand together.

His uplifting track is sure to make you treasure the bonds that you hold close while calling on us to reach out and expand the things that we do to bring people together.

Connecting has forever been changing, but its songs like this that remind us of just how vital our social bonds are. Getting together has taken on all new meaning.

Brad Paisley\'s Tribute To Solidarity And Beer Will Inspire You