Boy Sings Flawless Cover of Alicia Keys on ‘Voice Kids,’ Turns All Judges in the First Minute

Kids can say the darndest things. But if what they do is singing and not saying and unleash a standing ovation by hundreds of onlookers and listeners, then it is rather “wow, that was the darnest thing”.

This is what Lucas Janisch has done with this all chair turnaround first audition in The Voice Kids (Germany), 2016, when he took the chairs out underneath the judges with his performance of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin”. At only 14 years of age, this Filipino-Austrian singer took on the daunting task of singing this extremely difficult song.

Under his own accompaniment on the piano, Lucas had everyone “Fallin” of the chairs with his perfectly pitched and magical performance, which sounded more like the singing voice of an accomplished female vocalist. He took the high notes as though it is the easiest thing within his vocal range and added flawlessly appropriate trembling to his vocal cords, as and when the song required it.

Judge and coach, the beautiful Lena Meyer-Landrut just needed to listen to Lukas’s first initial notes to smash her button to turn around, to see how the kid looks that can produce such amazing tones. If there is anyone who can recognize young talent, that will be Lena, as she rose to fame herself, representing Germany by winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 at the age of 19. Swaying to the music, the other two judges followed suit, one after the other.

By just listening to Lucas’s first performance on stage during the blind audition stage of the contest, it is quite clear why he went on to win the entire contest’s 2016 series. It seems from this performance that stars are born these days already from a very young age. It is also very clear that the expression should be, “kids can sing the darndest things”.

Boy Sings Flawless Cover of Alicia Keys on ‘Voice Kids,’ Turns All Judges in the First Minute