King Of Insult Comedy And Mr. Warmth: Bob Newhart Roasts Don Rickles

The tables do tend to turn, and when they do, the person who has been dishing it out has to get it all back. Now, depending upon how nice you’ve been, or just how mean, you could get the same treatment back.

The purpose of a roast is to ridicule the person of honor good-humouredly, and Don Rickles has always done this in his own unique style. But when he was on the receiving end of a roast, things remained as funny – especially when I saw him literally wiping his tears away. Not because he was upset, but because he was loving every moment of the roast. Now, this is what I call a good-natured ribbing!

If only we had the same stuff now – I mean, we do have it, but let’s be honest; there was still a certain style and class to the roasts in those days. Kudos to Don Rickles for being the man who made the difference in comedy. He’ll be missed.