Bluey Robinson Takes On Singing Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do”

Stevie Wonder is a well-loved music icon. Most of us have been hearing his hits since we were kids. There are very few people who can perform with the grace of this legendary man. One of these men is Bluey Robinson from London. Bluey is London’s well-known street performer, known for his fantastic voice.

He decides to film singing Stevie Wonder’s song “All I Do,” while on a tour of Belgium. This song is one of his favorites of all time. The video features in the streets of Belgium, Bluey starts the song by snapping his fingers to stay with the rhythm, then he starts to play his acoustic guitar.

Bluey executes the song with perfection, note by note. As he sings the song, you can see him feeling every beat, the expressions on his face say it all. This man renders each note and rhythm, with passion, staying with the melody all the time, paying a heartfelt tribute to the great legend. His version of “All I do” has over 1.7 Million Views, and you can see why.