Blake Shelton’s stirring ‘Bible Verses’ song

Country star Blake Shelton doesn’t hide his faith and here unites it with his incredible music skills in “Bible Verses”.

Nobody is perfect and we all have moments in life where everything feels a bit of a struggle. “Bible Verses” is Blake Shelton’s latest song that deals with just those issues.

The song is taken from his album, Body Language, with lyrics that we can all relate to, with Shelton listing his faults and shortcomings and how he uses faith to cope.

With lyrics like “If God’s lookin’ down, I know He’s really lookin’ down on this”, we see a more vulnerable side to Shelton as he sings candidly on life’s struggles.

The Voice mentor can be heard singing with genuine, heartfelt, emotion with a simple acoustic backing track. No auto-tune or synthesizers here, just a pure, country voice with beautiful lyrics.

The emotional song inspires you to keep believing that, no matter how tough things can get, we can always find hope in life if we know where to look.

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Blake Shelton’s stirring ‘Bible Verses’ song