Ben E. King would stand by 11-year-old Blake Walker’s cover of Stand by Me

This fantastic 11-year-old gospel singer’s live performance of Stand By Me demands to be heard with both your ears and your eyes.

Shaun Barrowes begins with a very bare keying of the opening melody of Stand by Me by Ben E. King. A starry-eyed Blake Walker eases into his vocals.

His first few notes are just like the first few keystrokes: Cautious. Teasing us with a certain level of uncertainty. Something we would expect for a live performance.

The movement into more spirited vocals and piano keys is so smooth that it’s invisible. Suddenly Blake’s voice is as clear as a church bell.

Just as soon as you’re paying rapt attention, we’re rolled with gritty vocals along with the clean, in the spirit of Louis Armstrong.

Blake’s body is animated like his voice. And just like that, the stellar performance is over, and we onlookers feel that our day has brightened up a notch.

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