Awe-Inspiring Dance Routine to ‘You Raise Me Up’ Leaves Audience in Tears

“You Raise Me Up” is one of those songs that moves people to tears or takes them to a place inside they don’t often go. When that song is sung by a young performer, like Connie Talbot, who won ‘BGT’ at six-years-old, it can be amazing. Pair it with a young dance performer and prepare to sob.

Lynzee Ensell is an eight-year-old dancer who competed at the 2020 Showstopper competition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her event was the “mini acro solo.” This style of dance combines classical dance elements, like ballet, jazz, and lyrical, with fluid acrobatic moves and poses.

Lynzee’s leaps and contemporary dance moves shift into complicated acrobatic movements in a way that looks effortless. She looks toward the sky as if she is pleading for assistance from the heavens, and it is beautiful to see.

It is mindblowing that one so can, can possess so much talent and grace. Showstopper has a long history of giving talented children a chance to shine. Its website boasts that Beyoncé, Lance Bass, and Nick Carter performed in Showstopper competitions. Lynzee placed 2nd overall for this performance, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her again soon.