“Ave Maria” Gets Modern Remake From Iconic Singer Andrew Bocelli During Live Performance

One of the most famous opera singers in the world is Andrea Bocelli. Every year, Bocelli loves to put on his Music For Home concert. This year he adds a jaw-dropping rendition of “Ave Maria” to the setlist.

Amidst the news of the coronavirus, several social events have been canceled, including concerts. Andrea Bocelli responded to this by offering to perform his annual show on camera for everyone to see.

He was granted access to some of the most exclusive cathedrals in Milan to perform his stunning show. The organist from the Duomo di Milano helped accompany Bocelli for each song.

The video of Andrea performing the classic song “Ave Maria” quickly rose to the top spot on Youtube’s coveted trending page. Thanks to Bocelli and his team, everyone felt a small sense of normalcy despite all the chaos happening around us.