Austin Brown delivers one-of-a-kind rendition of ‘Stand by Me’

Austin Brown performs sensational cover of ‘Stand by Me’

If you are looking for great singing and exceptional guitar skills, this duo of Austin Brown and Steven Martinez has exactly what you need to achieve pure musical bliss.

They joined forces to play a beautiful and memorable acoustic version of ‘Stand by Me,’ which just happens to be one of the most recognizable songs in the entire world of music.

From the first few notes, you know the Ben E. King classic, which makes it both a simple song to learn and perform and an incredibly difficult one to play well.

Austin Brown performs sensational cover of ‘Stand by Me’

Fortunately, Martinez and Brown play it incredibly well, with Martinez providing the accompaniment and Brown displaying those pure vocals that made him a beloved member of Home Free.

He takes a break from his group singing days in this performance, stepping directly into the lead role with confidence and charisma, delivering a brilliant version of the iconic song.

Best of all, he seems genuinely happy to be singing and performing. Throughout the entire performance, his smile is permanently on his face, showing his joy and excitement.

It can sometimes feel like everyone has covered ‘Stand by Me’ at least once in their careers, but Austin Brown’s version is worth a listen for his ability to capture the spirit of the original.

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