Audience goes wild for funny Smothers Brothers

The Smothers Brothers performed a hilarious singing routine in this vintage performance from The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Smothers Brothers were one of the most popular acts in America, and their performance here on the Ed Sullivan Show is a perfect showcase of their unique talents.

The outstanding duo combined musical talents and comedic timing to create a hilarious routine about church bells ringing every morning.

With wit and exquisite timing, they set up the joke by describing the sounds of the bells that ring at the different churches in their town.

The audience is clearly in anticipation of what will come next. The Smothers Brothers have a patient style that keeps the audience hanging onto their words.

It all pays off with a clever punchline. Whether viewers remember them from their youth or are new to the Smothers Brothers, they will enjoy this classic performance.

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Audience goes wild for funny Smothers Brothers