Astonishing Cover of “For the Beauty of the Earth” From Virtual Choir Goes Viral

Music is the perfect way to get in touch with your emotions and express feelings from deep within your soul. Hymns have been around for over a hundred years and are often used as a way to connect and worship a higher power.

Originally by Conrad Kocher and William Chatterton Dix, “For the Beauty of the Earth” is a lovely hymn that can make your eyes well up with tears. It describes in picturesque detail the glorious sights we have all around us.

A choir recently decided to release a beautiful cover of this song, with members singing from their homes. All of the choir vocalists are from different walks of life, but when they sing together, something amazing happens.

The talented group wants people to use their rendition of the classic hymn as a way to bring a bit of brightness and positivity to your life. It’s a great reminder of the simple things like a friendly butterfly or a beautiful sunset.