Teen Musical Theatre Artist’s Performance Demands ‘Applause’

Soufjan Ibrahim may be just twelve years old, but he has the vocal power of a legend. This aspiring musical theatre artist chose Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Applause’ for his The Voice Kids Germany audition. While this track is one of the more taxing song choices, it served as the ideal showcase of this young man’s mighty voice.

From the moment he started singing, it was clear that he had a voice destined for great things. Praise came from the entire panel, with Judge Lena cheering throughout. Eventually, this powerful performer decided to join Johannes Strate’s team. With the crowd behind him and the guidance of a great, the world couldn’t wait to see more.

You’ll be wishing you’d seen him live to clap your hands and call for an encore after Soufjan Ibrahim sings ‘Applause’ by Lady Gaga. It’s a fantastic rendition that shows off his stage presence and range while staying true to the original with a Broadway-worthy sound that’d make an accomplished artist proud.

Teen Musical Theatre Artist\'s Performance Demands ‘Applause’