Art Garfunkel son runs on stage and joins dad’s performance

Art Garfunkel sings his famous song “Feelin’ Groovy,” and is joined by his adorable son and beautiful wife.

Art Garfunkel’s performance begins like any other. His song “Feelin’ Groovy” is familiar to all his fans as they cheer him on when he begins singing.

Around 30 seconds into the song, a small boy comes running in from off stage. He takes his place next to a mic that is set up right to his height.

The boy is a carbon copy of his father, exact same hairstyle and everything. Together they sing in wonderful harmony. Art leading his son, and looking at him to reassure him that all is great.

With Art’s wonderful voice and the young boy’s high-pitched innocence, they create a touching scene of father and son working together side by side.

Near the end of the song, Art’s wife, Kim, joins the two of them on stage. There are smiles and cheers all around as the three of them sing. After the performance, Arthur Jr. gives a ceremonious bow to the crowd and quickly runs off stage.

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