Are Those Angels Singing In The Mountains…You’ll Just Have To Watch To Find Out

This timeless classic has been covered by countless artists and bands all around the world since Josh Groban first popularized the tune back in 2003. But none have ever made the inspirational ballad sound quite this magical.

Though most would think of Groban first while listening to “You Raise Me Up,” the tune was originally recorded by the Norwegian-Irish duo Secret Garden nearly a year before Groban’s rendition hit U.S. radio.

In this mountain top music video, the tune is stripped of its supporting instruments to become an a cappella sensation. And it’s not just any band bringing new life to this early 2000s hit – these men are all members of “BYU Vocal Point,” a collegiate all-voices group currently signed to Universal Music.

While the video starts with just one vocalist singing into the camera, he is soon joined by over 50 other musicians who all lend a hand in making this the best a cappella tribute we’ve ever seen. Someone get Josh on the line – these students are coming for his title!

Are Those Angels Singing In The Mountains...You’ll Just Have To Watch To Find Out