Archie Bunker rips into ‘Meathead’ and it’s pure comedy gold

Archie Bunker Hilarious Comedy

Meathead and Archie Bunker have an entirely improvised conversation about the different ways to put on socks and shoes. It all starts when Meathead puts on one sock and a shoe in front of Archie.

What bothers Archie is that Meathead takes care of one foot at a time, instead of putting on both socks followed by the shoes. Meathead obviously doesn’t see why it bothers Archie.

It is just as fast his way, Meathead says. Archie cannot take how absurd Meathead is acting. So he has to sit on the bed and look Meathead in the eye in order to get his point across.

Archie Bunker Hilarious Comedy

Archie’s voice is full of passion as he talks to Meathead. If there is a fire he would be stuck running around with only one shoe on. With the normal way at least he has two socks on his feet.

Meathead replies with barely a moment’s thought. Suppose it was raining, Archie’s socks would get wet while he could hop around on one shoe. Silence fills the room until Archie says that he thinks Meathead has been hopping on his head.

For his final argument Archie asks what if he has a whole in his sock with no matching pair. That means he would have to take off his shoe.

Without anything left to say Meathead finally concedes. He claims that he’ll do it Archie’s way since he is being so stubborn about it.

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