Andrea Bocelli surprises his wife in this Christmas performance

Andrea Bocelli surprises his wife

Andrea Bocelli remasters one of his famous songs, “Return to Love,” as a Christmas single in this beautiful and romantic performance. Andrea exposes to us all his passionate side and personal love.

The performance begins by showing a beautiful Italian landscape. The words on the bottom indicate that Andrea Bocelli’s album “Sì” has received a Grammy nomination, and he has decided to surprise his wife, Veronica Berti.

Andrea Bocelli sits next to a fireplace as he waits to reveal his big surprise. The Italian Maestro wants to thank his lovely wife for being his rock and supporting him.

Andrea Bocelli and his wife

While all of this goes on, Veronica Berti innocently thinks that she needs to get ready for an interview. She is then blindfolded and driven towards her husband’s romantic surprise.

Still blindfolded, Veronica is sat down in front of Andrea. When they’re finally alone, he stands up and unties the blindfold, revealing his ruse and a beautifully decorated Christmas scene.

The pair then walk to the next room, where a shiny black piano and a choir await the Maestro. It is then that he starts to sing his love song to his wife. A giddy Veronica sits beside him and showers him in love.

The five-minute romantic performance has over seven million views and 97 thousand upvotes on YouTube. “Return to Love” Christmas version is praised by his fans as being a beautiful gift not only to his wife but to us all.

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Andrea Bocelli surprises his wife in this Christmas performance