Andrea Bocelli & Son Are Back For Disney’s Christmas Hit

It is incredible how such artistic gifts can run in families. The famous Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo, carry on the family tradition of opera. The duo’s music is featured in Disney’s new movie, The Nutcracker and Four Realms” as they sing the love song, “Fall on Me.”

I am so glad that Disney has picked these two incredible men with the greatest of voices to sing this song for this amazing new movie. My family and I cannot wait for it to come out to see. I seriously enjoy listening to Andrea Bocelli and now to add his son is incredible. 

In this video, father and son play the piano and sing back to back on stage with two grand pianos. As you listen, you realize that the duo is in perfect harmony with each other. And partway through the song, they perform in a loving embrace. Both men look splendid in their exquisitely cut tuxedoes, in stark contrast to the bare white stage.

The video moves back and forth between the operatic song and cuts from the movie seamlessly. The viewer is introduced to the two main characters of the traditional story of The Nutcracker. It begins with Clara riding in a coach, finding Phillip and then drifting into a fantastical land to complete their mission to restore peace and harmony to their kingdom.

I’m telling you, this movie will be nominated for best original song at the 2019 Academy Awards. This is such a beautiful movie with a beautiful pair of singers to give it what it needs to take it over the top.

This is without a doubt one of Disney’s most beautiful holiday movies ever, and it is destined to be a classic. This is one we are going to be watching every Christmas for years to come.

If this took your breath away, share Andrea &Mateo’s video because they truly deserve a standing ovation.

Andrea Bocelli & Son Are Back For Disney\'s Christmas Hit