Andrea Bocelli sings haunting ‘Ave Maria’ from his new album Believe

Once you hear the music, the actual lyrics will melt into your mind. Just close your eyes, and witness true vocal talent.

The song ‘Ave Maria’ is an all-time classic that is played at weddings, funerals, and parties. Originally a Franz Schubert composition, the song itself was never meant to have lyrics. Over time, the beautiful melody morphed into the incredible song that it is today.

Hundreds of singers have done a cover of ‘Ave Maria’, but only a few have made a lasting impact. Andrea Bocelli is one of those singers, and he doesn’t hold anything back with this performance.

This is as pure of a take on ‘Ave Maria’ as you’ll get from an artist. You don’t need to understand the words to feel the emotion. And make no mistake, this is a song that is deeply touched with emotion.

As the fifth single from the album Believe, it serves as a good taste of the quality to be expected. If you’ve never purchased a Bocelli album, now is the time.

Bocelli has an 8-year-old daughter named Virginia. She is already performing live with her father and proving to be a future talent. Hopefully, an ‘Ave Maria’ duet is on their list of things to do this holiday.