Andrea Bocelli Sings Breathtaking Easter Performance at Empty Cathedral in Milan

If you’ve ever been to church on an Easter Sunday, it’s usually quite the experience. Many churches go all out for the holiday to celebrate with the congregation. A cathedral in Milan did just that with the infamous singer Andrea Bocelli.

Best known for having the voice of an angel, Andrea Bocelli is an opera singer from Italy. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, churches and cathedrals all around the world were not able to host an Easter service this year.

The 61-year-old talented singer decided to perform an entire concert to an empty building while streaming it online. Bocelli did this to bring a bit of joy to people at home during this dark and scary time.

During his “Music for Hope” concert, Andrea sang Back’s “Ave Maria” as well as “Sancta Maria” by Pietro Mascagni. Dressed in a three-piece suit, the impressive vocalist brought a bit of joy to homes all around the world.