Andrea Bocelli Sings Alone From Empty Cathedral In Virtual Concert

Andrea Bocelli rewarded the world with a virtual concert to mark Easter Sunday amid the year of pandemic. The operatic great stands alone in the empty Duomo di Milano Cathedral in Milan, Italy. The sight serves as a grim reminder of the social distancing and other measures taken to bring the spread of the novel coronavirus under control. His concert entitled ‘Music For Hope’ carries intense emotion in every arrangement, feeling that will inspire unity & togetherness in your home & community.

With no onlookers present in person but millions watching on the day of streaming, Andrea Bocelli impressed with a digital beacon of light that no one will ever forget. His message was clear, ringing out as a universal symbol of recreation, unity & rebirth that no one can deny. People from all walks of life joined together to enjoy his outpouring of emotion, with the virtual treat continuing to instill an essence of integration, unification, and coalition in us for long to come.

‘Music For Hope’ from Andrea Bocelli live in concert is a must-see performance that’ll elevate your spirit and brighten the day. Seeing Bocelli isolated in that empty Cathedral makes a lasting impact, while his heavenly voice is sure to bring you and those around you closer together in this dark time – what a brilliant grand gesture from the Italian tenor.