Andrea Bocelli and 8-Year-Old Daughter Sing Lovely Duet

Andrea Bocelli is one of the greatest singers of all time. He’s one of the few celebrities who’s given his fans a look into his personal life. In a recent video, the gifted man showcased a talent that both he and his youngest daughter share.

At just eight years old, Bocelli’s daughter Virginia is a star in the making. Her father isn’t shy about expressing his love and admiration for his children. Andrea also has two sons, Amos and Matteo, who are musically talented as well.

Relaxing in their home, Matteo and Andrea start singing “Fall On Me.” It isn’t long until Virginia joins her dad for a heartwarming performance. She uses her favorite toy, a karaoke machine, to make their duet even more magical.

It’s impressive to see someone so young have such strong musical abilities running through their veins. We can only hope that little Virginia joins her dad in the studio to make their wholesome duet something to remember forever.