America’s Got Talent Crowd Left Speechless During 14-Year-Old Sings Aretha Franklin Rendition

Kelvin Dukes is just like any other teenager. He has big dreams and aspirations that he hopes to one day achieve. One of those is to perform on America’s Got Talent, and we’re sure glad he did just that.

At 14 years old, Dukes is a charismatic spirit that enjoys a good conversation, having fun with anyone he’s around, and listening to great music. His parents say that he sings from the moment he wakes up until the sun sets in the evening.

Kelvin chose to sing Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way” for his AGT audition. This isn’t a song that just anyone can sing, but that doesn’t stop the hopeful teenager from chasing after his dreams in front of thousands of viewers.

The crowd instantly cheers before Dukes finishes the first line of the saw. The amount of soul and power in his voice is that of a seasoned professional. We sincerely hope to hear Kelvin Dukes sing for many years to come.