American Idol’ Legend Joins The Men Of ‘GENTRI’ For Electrifying Performance

GENTRI, short for “The Gentlemen Trio,” has been stunning listeners since 2014 with their dynamic arrangements and rich harmonies, and this collaboration with Ashley Hess is nothing short of magical.

The three spirited tenors who make up GENTRI include Brad Robins, Casey Elliott, and Bradley Quinn Lever. When paired with their ingenious producer Stephen Nelson, the trio are world-renowned for their uniquely signature “cinematic pop” sound.

GENTRI has been so successful with their recent record releases that they even gave country/pop superstar Taylor Swift a run for her money with the success of their 2019 release Noel.

As American Idol alumnus Ashley Hess joins the three gents for a mind-blowing performance of Calum Scott’s 2018 hit “You Are The Reason,” listeners are left stunned by their top-notch blend.

American Idol\' Legend Joins The Men Of \'GENTRI\' For Electrifying Performance