Ambitious Five-Year-Old Rocks Out to AC/DC on Drums

Some kids want to chase their dreams from the moment they take their first breath. If they wish to be a scientist, a chef, or the next biggest star, parents love encouraging their kin to go after the things they want most out of life.

One five-year-old had a natural curiosity when it came to percussion instruments. At such a young age, he’s able to play covers on the drums while his dad plays guitar in the background. One of our favorites is their rendition of AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

He’s got an entire drum set and the sassy attitude to match. You can tell he loves playing the drums with his pops just by the look on his face. It’s an excellent way for him to get out some of his energy and have a great time along the way.

While things like the timing and consistency need a bit of improving, it’s still impressive for a five-year-old. We hope that this little rockstar and his dad continue to play music together, and we can’t wait to watch his talent grow over time.