Amazing BGT performance by grandfather and granddaughter

It was an uplifting moment for Britain’s Got Talent audience as a grandfather/granddaughter duo provided a performance for the ages.

92-year-old Ted and his 21-year-old granddaughter Grace may not appear to be a likely musical duo. But the pair captivated the audience with their performance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Despite his advanced age and difficulty hearing, Ted charmed the judges with his candid responses and obvious love for music. Grace served as his partner and, sometimes, his spokesperson.

After the introductions were complete, the duo launched into their musical medley, touching on several famous songs to the obvious delight of the audience.

The highlight of the night may have been when Ted, a WWII veteran, broke into dance to match his granddaughter’s up-tempo routine.

With charisma and joy, the unlikely duo created an uplifting experience Britain’s Got Talent judges – and the audience – will never forget.

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Amazing BGT performance by grandfather and granddaughter