All Male A Capella Choir Performs Unique Rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’

When times get tough, everybody needs a pick-me-up. Vocal Point, an all-male a Capella group, knows just how to improve moods. When they perform a rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up,’ you’ll never want to listen to another version again.

The iconic song ‘You Raise Me Up’ was made famous by Josh Groban, an award-winning American singer. Though nothing can come close to the original version, Vocal Point’s a Capella rendition is soul-touching.

All of the men in the choir have a natural talent and aptitude for singing and performing. Each person’s voice perfectly adds a unique element to a song, and it creates a refreshing tune that’s never been heard before. In ‘You Raise Me Up,’ this is more than prevalent.

The talented vocalists in the male a Capella group, Vocal Point, will make you want to listen to this song on repeat. After all, the beautiful tune, in combination with the inspirational lyrics, leaves you with a sense of tranquility.