All Of Kodi Lee’s Performances On AGT In One Epic, Heart Wrenching Video

Watch all of Kodi Lee’s performances on America’s Got Talent combined into one epic, heartwrenching video. The blind, autistic singer has stolen America’s heart with his sweet, soulful voice and his inspiring story.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to all of Kodi Lee’s performances during the 2019 season of AGT, “America’s Got Talent” provides you the opportunity through this newly released video. Our favorite moment has to be his version of “Lost Without You,” which left us in unashamed tears.

Everyone could see that Kodi Lee was something special from the moment that he stepped on stage. As one Youtube commenter put it:” This is a huge example of how anyone can achieve anything. He’s blind, plays the piano, autistic and has a hard time speaking, but sings like an angel.”