‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ performed by the U.S. Army Band

There is only one definitive edition of ‘All I Want For Christmas’. But it’s impossible to not sing along and love what Master Sgt. Labrecque-Pearson has created.

Pershing’s Own has gained a reputation for having some really authentic music. They are the U.S. Army Band, and they don’t play around when it comes to performances. Master Sgt. Labrecque-Pearson took up the impossible task of singing a Mariah Carey song, and nailed it.

‘All I Want For Christmas’ is one of those songs that you either sing right, or not at all. Instead of being afraid of the moment, Pershing’s Own went all-in on the quintessential holiday song.

With a full orchestra and backup singers, Master Sgt. Labrecque-Pearson pushed forward with her rendition of the song. It was beautiful, and she never had trouble nailing the big notes. It was great to see her confidence, but even more, fitting to see the background.

A large screen showed servicemen and women being reunited with their families for the holidays. The message was clear, and spectacularly enhanced by the song.

There is nothing like the spirit of Christmas to bring everyone together. With Pershing’s Own leading the way, it’s hard not to get that warm feeling. Here’s to hoping they continue to publish the strong voice of Master Sgt. Labrecque-Pearson.


‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ performed by the U.S. Army Band