All Grown Up! The Child Stars of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Return to The Stage

Singers, Dancers, Magicians, and Comics All Bring Their Talents Back To BGT Champions. Child Stars Connie Talbot, Jack Carroll, George Sampson, Anita Simpson, and more show that growing up didn’t change their talents.

Many child stars come to “Britain’s Got Talent” looking to make their dreams come true. But what happens after the show? Do they continue on with their skills and abilities, or do they get boring desk jobs and disappear?

Watching these acts return to BGT Champions, it seems that by and large the former is the case. These acts all stepped up to the plate big time, wowing the audience with updated versions of previously amazing child acts.

All Grown Up! The Child Stars of \'Britain\'s Got Talent\' Return to The Stage