All 4 Coaches Instantly Turn Their Chairs on The Voice for Powerful Rendition of “Who’s Loving You”

No matter how old you are, the music of The Jackson 5 is bound to bring up happy memories from your childhood. Singer Jennie Lena auditioned on The Voice, singing her favorite song from the infamous family band.

Lena chose to sing “Who’s Loving You” during her blind audition on the popular talent show. Before she was done belting out the first line, all four judges turned their chairs around in hopes of coaching her.

To say Jennie sings with a soul would come across as an understatement. This woman has more power and heart in her voice than most people with record deals today. There’s no denying how far she could do.

The judges were absolutely astounded by the young woman’s musical abilities, and the audience couldn’t contain their excitement either. It’s safe to say that Jennie Lena has a bright future in the music industry.