Alan Jackson sings the most touching cover of ‘America The Beautiful’ on ‘A Capitol Fourth’

Alan Jackson singing America The Beautiful

‘America The Beautiful’ is one of the most popular patriotic songs covered by numerous artists. PBS ‘A Capitol Fourth’ hosted a country music icon Alan Jackson who delivered the song to new heights.

A devout singer, Jackson is known for his love of the country. He even received a Grammy Award for best country song for his moving tribute to the victims of 9/11, ‘Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning).

The song ‘America The Beautiful’ came to life through another admirer of the United States and its natural beauty, Katharine Lee Bates. Her inspiration for what was initially a poem, ‘Pikes Peak’ came from a train ride to Colorado Springs.

Alan Jackson singing America The Beautiful

When the train came to the highest point of the journey, the view of Great Planes compelled Bates to write down a poem encapsulating the astounding natural beauty of the United States.

The poem gained popularity, and with it, the song form was written by Samuel A. Ward. Now Alan Jackson took it upon himself to deliver it in the most stunning arrangement.

The arrangement carries his gentle and soulful voice to the new heights of the splendor supported by a fantastic country band and a string orchestra. The gentleness of the music is superb.

And as the music ended, Alan Jackson took his hand to heart so he can pay his respect and show his devotion to the magnificence of the country that began on the 4th of July almost a quarter of millennia ago.

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